Top 3 Types of Web Hosting Explained

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is when you rent out the entire server for yourself and your site. As you can imagine, this provides the highest level of resources to host high-traffic sites, but the benefits go even further than that.

There’s an unparalleled level of freedom that comes with a dedicated server. You aren’t sharing the server in any capacity, so you can, essentially, do what you will with it. If you need a very specific set up to run your site correctly, it’s well within your reach with a dedicated host.

Because of their high performance and resource allocation, dedicated servers are well known for their speed and uptime. This is an important factor for all webpages, but particularly important for business sites, as any downtime experienced translates to a loss of customers and revenue.

High levels of traffic won’t choke a site up, and you’ll be able to support a large volume of visitors with little to no issue.

Having a dedicated server means you can deploy the highest-level security features, and fine-tune security settings to fit your needs. You won’t be vulnerable to the activities of other websites, as they aren’t occupying your server space.

If you need support, almost all web hosts offer assistance through their customer and technical service departments. Many will also manage your server’s details as an add-on service, removing some of the need for advanced technical knowledge.

If you’re particularly skilled, though, you can set up your own server in-house, gaining the benefits of this powerful setup without the need for negotiating with a third-party.

The only real downside with a dedicated setup, should you go the hosting company route, is the fact that you’ll have to pay a significant fee. Dedicated servers aren’t cheap, but for serious businesses, they are worth the investment.

But, again, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to host your new blog. A shared hosting package would already give you all that you need at this stage. 

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Top 3 Types of Web Hosting Explained

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