DNS Hosting – Top 5 DNS Providers of 2018, Complete Reviews

Edgecast is probably not the first name to come up when searching for DNS providers. Now a division of Verizon, Edgecast serves primarily as a CDN provider. But in 2013, the service branched out to include DNS, as well.

Edgecast Route, now known as Verizon Route, is based on their own internal DNS technology. Adapting their own internal technology for a broader clientele underscores the reliability of the service.

Edgecast has done something a little bit different with their pricing scheme. While Edgecast bills itself as an enterprise DNS provider, their price is among the most affordable in the market. Rather than a fixed price for all, Edgecast bases price on the number of zones, queries, and DNS health checks the service receives per month.

Pricing also depends on whether you want standard DNS routing or advanced routing benefits such as geo-blocking. Their pricing generally comes out to be about $0.40 per million queries. Not too bad for an enterprise DNS provider. But if you find yourself receiving millions upon millions of queries a month, things could get expensive fast.

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DNS Hosting – Top 5 DNS Providers of 2018, Complete Reviews

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