10 Things To Know Before You Buy A Website (Infographic)

There are a lot of reasons you might be considering buying a particular website.

To begin with, it probably already has a name and a following, so it wouldn’t take much effort to publicize it. It might also already have a good enough backlink profile which will makes it more popular and authoritative than a lot of other sites in its niche.

In short, it would take less to make more people visit the site and earn more money at the same time. Before actually taking the plunge and deciding to buy it however, there are ten important things that you need to factor in. Once you have clarified all these details, you have the information you need to decide.

We have created an infographic that outlines the data you need to have before buying the website.

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1. History of the site

First of all, you need to know how long the website has been running before you decide to get it. Just like other businesses, websites that have been operating longer are more stable. They have also generated more revenue over the years and built a good name, and will be easier to publicize. Of course, the website you’re planning to purchase must have maintained a relatively positive reputation over the time or else it would be difficult for you to turn things around.

2. Which platform powers the website

You need to know what platform is powering the website you are buying. Is it on WordPress, Joomla or something else? This will let you know how easy or difficult it would be to maintain it. You can also hire people who are experts in the platform in which the site was built on. Thus, implementing the necessary changes won’t be difficult.

3. Ease in editing the website

Buying the website is easy. Making the necessary changes could be a challenge. Therefore, you first need to know if you are able to easily change the website’s content. You must also know if they will provide a programmer to help you make the changes or you need to find a different person to do the job. Of course, this would entail more expense on your end. The main goal here is to make sure that changes can be done easily.

4. Know your demographics

You need to buy a website that currently appeals to your target demographic. You will inherit its followers and increase the chances that they will continue to follow it after you’ve updated it. For instance, if the website you plan to update it to is about gadgets, then you need to buy an old website that targeted younger and tech-savvy people.

5. Marketing Strategies Used

You also need to know what marketing strategies were previously used by the website you are buying. You need to understand this in order for you to stay competitive. You may not even need to hire a SEO expert if the website has already done enough in order for it to rank high in search engines and be easily seen by people. Nevertheless, you must have someone who can understand marketing and work with you moving forward.

6. Check the Traffic Quality

Traffic equals money. More people visiting the website means more money for you. It is important that you look for sites that are generating higher revenues. You should also check where the traffic is coming from. There are countries where traffic is considered more valuable. There are certain age groups which are deemed more high-value. This must be an important factor in making a purchase decision.

7. Check the Amount Needed to Maintain the Website

You may enjoy a few hundred dollars more each month by buying a website. However, if the amount you spend in maintaining it is way more than the amount it generates, it would be spell a profit loss for you. Therefore, you need to know how much maintenance would cost you. You also need to check if experts are required to keep the site running. You must also decide how much investment you will put into maintaining the website so that it matches your expectations.

8.Website Reviews

You also need to know what other people have been saying about the website before you decide to buy it. You can’t just jump in without knowing the reputation of the website. Otherwise, you may be buying a sinking ship. There are testimonial pages that you can check. You may also check other sites for a more objective review. To make it less biased, try reading more reviews. This will offer you a better point of view.

9. Amount You Need to Spend

Of course, you can’t buy a website that’s overly expensive or too cheap. According to WordPress.com, the average amount is $2,500 for a basic website. Getting a website at just $500 could be really suspicious. It might have a really bad reputation that the owner is willing to sell it at that price or there are other hidden charges that will just shock you later on. You also have to understand that a basic website at $2,500 is not that expensive considering how much you would have to gain later once the income starts kicking in.

10. Pleasant Transactions with the Owner

From the very start, you must be able to establish a good connection with the owner of the website you are planning to buy. If the transaction is rocky right from the start, you might have to ditch that plan. It will just cause you moure trouble along the way. Find people who are easy to deal with. You need them not just upon purchase of the website, but later on when you have maintenance issues and other problems to deal with.


It is not easy making a final decision regarding which website to buy and how to make the most out of it. By following the tips above, you can easily trim the options down and choose the best website in no time.



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10 Things To Know Before You Buy A Website (Infographic)

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