Hosting Plans, Pros, Cons & Exclusive Offer!

You’re Getting A Big Name & Plenty Of Options.

HostGator is a well-known industry name. Just think, they get lots of press, they have awards, they have resources.

They have hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of users. They’re hosting over 9,000,000 domains. It shows how much they have on offer.

Just look above again and see all the plans they have to tailor to specific situations. If you need it, they have a solution for you.

They are very confident that you’ll like the services. They offer a 45-day money back guarantee for whatever services you want to try out. It gives you plenty of time to try things out and determine if they are right for you.

This is, of course, on top of the hefty sales and discounts they’re usually offering on their options. At the time of writing, they’re running a 44% off promotion on their shared cloud hosting (over 60% off here!). 50% off for WordPress. For the VPS, they’re offering 75% off. That’s rather substantial and shows that they think they’ve got a product you’ll love.

Their site is clean, and their interface is slick. If you’re using HostGator to configure your site, it’s not going to be too complicated. Even if you are a beginner, the learning curve isn’t so steep that you’ll be lost.

Take a look at the HostGator account management portal. This video shows how easy it is to install WordPress:

There’s plenty else you can do from this all-in-one control center. Take care of your billing, manage your site, and access the plethora of tech support options. This brings us to another pro…

There’s A Range Of Support Features.

They’ve certainly got a lot of options on the main page. There’s the customer support portal, which you can access once you become a member. You can learn about new features and essentials from there.

The support portal also gives you access to other methods of receiving guidance. There the live chat option, which brings up a chat box you can use to contact HostGator tech support. You can call in. You can create a support ticket. You could even use the extensive forums.

People have asked many of the same questions that you have already. A trip through the forum topics may well provide you with an answer without even having to contact anyone.

If you need advice on specific procedures, there is an extensive video tutorial library that covers all sorts of topics. Using the control panel, billing, access webmail, integrating WordPress, etc.

You can even get in contact with the HostGator team on social media. They have active Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can learn plenty just by following them.

They Incorporate Some E-Commerce Features.

That’s a boon for those looking to dip their toes into the online store pond. In addition to the email marketing and promotional tools, they give you the ability to use Magneto to craft your online shop and incorporate it into your site.

Some might argue that Magneto isn’t exactly top of the heap when it comes to e-commerce solutions. That’s true, but it’s a solid platform, and for those that have the DIY spirit and like to craft and control the minor details, it has a good deal of functionality. Plus, it’s free. Hard to really argue with that.

They’re Good At Integration

As we mentioned, there’s the built-in Magneto integration, as well as plenty of options for CMS. They’re a managed WordPress hoster, so if you’ve got a WordPress site you want to get up you can do it with a one-click installation.

They don’t shun other CMS, though. If you’re using Drupal or Joomla, they provide options for working those in as well. All-in-all, you can host your website regardless of how you set it up, which is a big plus.

And remember, ​this exclusive cloud hosting offer is only 1 click away…​

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Hosting Plans, Pros, Cons & Exclusive Offer!

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